The great thing about naloxone (aka Narcan) is that it saves lives. It really is a miracle drug. You can overdose on heroin and the paramedic can administer it quickly and you are good as new. Which is what is so great about naloxone, if the shit you just scored is too strong and you OD then the paramedics can bring you back to life. And if the shit is too strong but you don’t OD, then it’s just a better high. So why not go for the bigger hit? Come on, live a little, especially as you won’t die a little. You probably won’t die at all. Naloxone just makes being a junkie more fun and far less dangerous. Overdose deaths have plummeted, even as overdoses skyrocket. That is no accident. There are more overdoses now because the odds of dying of an overdose have fallen by several orders of magnitude. I can’t see overdoses dropping anytime soon, either, not with all that naloxone around. Just the opposite, the number will keep rising. Why? Because medical science has removed natural selection from the process. There are no more Darwin Awards for junkies. Everyone lives, everyone gets high, and only the very unlucky die. Like maybe the ambulance gets a flat tire. Shit happens. But how often does an ambulance get a flat tire? We have made heroin addiction a much more viable lifestyle, though a more expensive lifestyle, wanting higher and higher highs. Much higher than ever before. Those pictures of parents OD’d in front of their children? Parents used to worry about ODing in front of their children. Not anymore. A few drops of naloxone (aka Narcan) in the nose and mommy and daddy are good as new, though in jail, and the kids have been taken away. Oops. But still, naloxone means anyone can be a junkie now. Who can? We can! Narcan. Ask your druggist.


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