Liberal arts


I  said it before and I’ll say it again…liberal arts college education has left us with two going on three generations of very literate college grads who are completely ignorant of science. It’s ridiculous. The stuff you hear coming out of smart people’s mouths. You wonder if they ever had a science class at all. You want proof? Look at your Facebook page. If they believe in chemtrails they’ll believe anything. If somebody began a Facebook meme that gravity is a hoax people would believe it.  And the only reason a lot of progressives profess a belief in evolution is that so many Republicans don’t. It’s ideology. They haven’t a clue how natural selection actually works. Every time someone starts going on about the Darwin Awards I roll my eyes. People simply don’t get it.

Ignorance is bliss, I guess. But if someone had ever told me that the Internet would actually result in a population more scientifically ignorant than before, I would never have believed it. But that is what has happened. When it comes to science it’s a liberal arts wasteland out there.

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