I’m still waiting for a set up for I’m sorry for your loess. It’s been years now, decades even, the funny guy equivalent of geologic time. Just my luck when I die they’ll bury me in Wisconsin and the gravedigger will complain about the crumbly rock and I’ll just lay there mute and stiff and unfunny.

2 thoughts on “Geology

  1. Loess are fine glacier created wind blown sediments, not crumbly rock. Geologists who really like it are said to have loess lust. Except for the ‘t’ the two sound almost the same. If you really like loess, but you don’t feel like doing anything, you have listless loess lust. A rutting male elephant who likes wind blown glacial sediments but doesn’t care a whole lot about them can be in listless love loess must. If that’s all he has then he is just in listless loess lust for midwestern dust. If there is any ferric oxide in the dust then he is just in listless loess lust must for midwestern rust dust. If I was a southerner then I could say I thought of this fust.


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