A new species of deep sea Snailfish has been discovered at a depth of 27,349 feet, an astonishing 3,280 feet deeper than what had been thought of as the deepest deep sea fish. If you think of the depth they’ve been found at in terms of height, that 27,349 feet is taller than all but five of the world’s tallest mountains, all of them in the Himilayas. This is one depth loving fish. Dig its wiggle. It wiggles merrily and you’d be smooshed like a crushed coke can. Hard to size them from the picture, apparently, species of Snailfish range from a couple inches to a couple feet. Anyway, you won’t be seeing these guys in your local aquarium any time soon, unless they build one as tall as Mount Everest, I suppose, so they can scoot around the bottom. (Or however tall it would have to be above sea level to equal the pressure of 27,349 feet below sea level, if there’s a difference. They didn’t teach us this in school, oddly enough….) I dunno, maybe some billionaire will go at it when they get bored of making skyscrapers thousands of feet high. Kinda cute, though, these Snailfish. Not the weird piscine grotesqueries they usually find skulking around in the pitch dark abyssopelagic zone, flashing their bioluminescent protuberances.

Running out of adjectives, I better stop.