New iPhone. First ever iPhone, actually. Last time I used anything Apple was 1993. I was much younger then. It’s a little weird and counter-intuitively disconcerting now, this iPhone, like learning an Indo-European language vaguely familiar but full of irregularities. Plus I’m ordering all these coffees at Starbucks and I don’t even know what they are.

Also, these Apple decals are stuck to my fingers. My shirt. My hair. That lady’s pants.

Oops, gotta run. Siri just told me it’s goat yoga time.

3 thoughts on “iPhone

  1. We got one of Jitterbug cellular phones for old people a while back, only for those very rare situations when I must call somebody and I’m not anywhere near a real telephone. I keep the damned thing turned off except for the uncommon times when I need to use it; maybe once every few months or so. I loathe the stupid thing, even more than I hate real telephones. Talking into it and listening to it is unpleasant. How anybody can stand those gizmos that they stare at constantly is beyond me. I still get freaked out every time I’m near someone who starts talking into one. I always think the person is talking to me, even if it makes no sense at all. (The person says “Did you have breakfast yet?” into their phone or same such thing and I feel like I’m supposed to turn around and answer. Drives me batty.) Yeah, I’m turning into a Luddite.


    • You always were a bit of a Luddite. Not that that’s a bad thing. Btw, this iPhone is our only computer. Everything we do online I do on this. My office is this, a red folder and one drawer of a file cabinet. Which is good because everything else seems to be crammed with books.


      • I need to get a new monitor, though, because some things are really difficult to do on a computer the size of a cassette tape. My desktop computer just sits silent and waiting.


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